Each cabinet comes standard with the following:

  • Eminence Legend series speakers
  • Steel bar handles
  • Your choice of either plastic stacking corners or vintage style metal corners, black or chrome
  • Powder coated grilles, in your choice of colors
  • Dura-Tex finish
  • Dual parallel speakon Jacks
  • JBL ST-200 tweeter
  • HF level control
  • Precision tri-port cabinet tuning
  • Shipped within 7 days of paid order

 DRB 2060v Neo  Factory direct price: $569.00 + $29.00 S&H

Design your own cabinet! ***Guaranteed to ship within 7 days of paid order***

Current cabinet availability:

112: 6 available

115: 2 available

210: 1 available

I am constantly asked about a 210 stand alone cabinet, and this is generally the answer, The DRB 2060 neo, In fact I personally play a 2060 cab and I pound on it for over 150 shows every year. This cab can do whatever you need. It is loaded with 2 custom designed Dr. Bass 200 watt Neodymium LF drivers. The will give you all the bottom end you can want. The mids are handled by a 6.5" driver to give you the mid punch needed to cut through any mix. The highs are handled but a horn loaded HF for the sparkling highs you need for the definition you want. And as always they are controlled by a custom 3-way crossover with our side mounted controls so you can dial in the perfect amount of highs and mids. All of this in a lightweight package that has been 100% handcrafted by Dr. Bass right here in the USA, and it is available for immediately delivery, so call or send us an email and we will ship this right out to you before someone else grabs it!

210 Specifications

  • 2-200 watt 10" custom neodymium LF drivers
  • 6.5" mid-range driver and horn loaded HF driver
  • Side mounted level controls for HF and Mid drivers
  • 400 watts @ 4 ohms
  • dual parallel speakon jacks
  • Custom metallic garnet powder coated grille
  • DuraTex finish
  • 24"h x 18"w x 15"d
  • 41 lbs.
  • Handcrafted in the USA

What a concept! How does this work you say...Check it out...

  1. Set your budget..
  2. Pick a Handcrafted cabinet, or two..
  3. Choose the speaker you want for your tone
  4. Choose your HF driver
  5. Choose your finishing options (DuraTex, Spray finish, grille and cabinet color.
  6. Make payment and your custom cabinet will be shipped within seven business days....GUARANTEED!

It would have been easier, and makes more business sense to simply build a cabinet, load it with LF and HF drivers, and advertise them for sale. But as a working bassist myself, I started building my own gear to achieve the tone I wanted, not the manufacturer. These cabinets have been engineered and precision tuned for the following LF drivers:

  • Eminence Legend bass series, is the standard driver. Legend CA 10, Legend BP 122, Legend BP1525. Solid no frills ceramic drivers with tuned especially for bass guitar. Dollar for dollar, great bang for the buck.
  • Beyma WR series drivers

          10WR300, 12WR400, 15WR400

          My personal choice in my cabinets. Performs as well as drivers twice             the price. Waterproof cones, surprisingly lightweight for a ceramic

          driver. Very versatile, great performer for any type of music.Very

          clean transparent mids with deep, thick, rich low end.

  • Faital Pro drivers

          10 FE310, 10PR300, 12PR300, 15PR400

           We were the first US manufacturer to use Faital Pro drivers, and by  

           now they have become a staple of the industry. The 310 series is a

           ceramic driver, and the PR series are Neodymium drivers. The          

           15PR400 may be, IMHO, the best 15" speaker for bass guitar I have

           ever used. The personal choice of my brother for his bass rig. Deep

           clean rich low end, tons of mid punch. Can't go wrong with this dude!

  • Eminence Deltalite and kappalite drivers

        Again, one of the industry standards. These are bullet proof Neo's.

          Solid low end, more boom than the Faital and Beyma's, but great low

          mids with solid power handling capabilities.

  • Ciare Neodymium drivers

          12NDH-4, 15NDH-4

         For the bassist who wants the best. Period! The "4" designation is the

          designation for the massive 4" voice coil. These will rock your world.

          They are expensive, but if you can afford them, well worth the money.

          Incredible detail and clarity. 

  • JBL ST-200 tweeter, Eminence Pro 5MRN

         Can't go wrong with the JBL ST-200 tweeter. We have been using this

          tweeter for 14 years. Dependable, smooth, never harsh sparkling     

          highs. And for those who don't want a tweeter, the Pro 5MRN is the

          perfect choice. Crossed over at 800Hz, they enhance the high end

          and upper mids. It is so transparent that if it wasn't for the smooth

          presence they bring to the table, you won't even know it is there.

These handcrafted cabinets are all ready to be loaded with your choice of components and finish. All within the budget that you can afford.

Eminence PRO 5MRN                              JBL ST-200

Professional Products for Working Musicians

Generally, what you will find on this page are cabinets that are one off's, new designs, prototypes, some cabinets that are made with wood that is left over from other builds using over-stock and buyout components that I get from manufacturers so I pass the savings on to you. And sometimes they are just designs that I think would be cool. 

Dr. Bass LLC

PO Box 31381

Myrtle Beach, SC 29588



Order any cabinet on this page before 1pm EST for immediate shipping.  
After 1pm EST, your cabinet will ship the next business day!

Pricing:                        112          115         210

  • Base price:                    $349.00       $369.00       $399.00
  • Beyma/Deltalite            $60.00         $75.00          $80.00*
  • 10 OR 12PR310            $70.00          N/A              $100.00
  • 12PR300/Kappalite      $80.00         $85.00          $110.00
  • Ciare                             $190.00       $210.00            N/A
  • Pro 5MRN                     ---------------- $65.00-----------------
  • Spray finish**             ---------------- $75.00 ------------------
  • Vinyl cover and cable ---------------- $50.00 ------------------
  • Shipping                      ----------- $29.00/cabinet ------------

* Beyma 210 4 ohms only.

** Spray finish available in most Sherwin Williams colors

Most cabinets available in 4 ohms. Call for availability.

Call for international shipping.

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