DRB 112 w/JBL tweeter. I love these cabs. I tested them with a GK MB500, a Mesa Subway 800+ a Sting Ray 5 and a Sire V7, and a number of other basses, and the tone is amazing whatever head or bass I used. I promise, you will love these cabs. These DRB 112 bass cabinets are loaded with a 250 watt Eminence Legend BP122 woofer, which was designed exclusively for bass guitar, and a JBL ST200 tweeter. I didn't just grab a couple of round plastic ports off the shelf for these cabinet, I custom tuned these cabinets using tri-ports, that were handcrafted tooptimize the amazing components used in these cabs. They produce deep rich lows, tight mids and sparkling highs. All in a compact handcrafted enclosure. You would be hard pressed to find handcrafted bass cabinets that can compare to the DRB 112 at any price.

So what are you waiting for, you now you want them, so go ahead give me a call and snag these cabinets before they are gone!

DRB 112 stack Retail price: $658.00Sale Price: $549.00 + S&H

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  • 1-250 watt Eminence Legend BP122 ceramic woofer
  • JBL ST-200 tweeter with HF level control
  • 8 ohms
  • Dual parallel speakon connectors
  • DuraTex finish
  • 40Hz to 20Hz
  • 15.5"h x 20.75"w x 17.5"h
  • 38 lbs.

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Generally, what you will find on this page are cabinets that are one off's, new designs, prototypes, some cabinets that are made with wood that is left over from other builds using over-stock and buyout components that I get from manufacturers so I pass the savings on to you. And sometimes they are just designs that I think would be cool. 

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